Life Insurance


Leave something behind to protect your loved ones


Having Life Insurance in place will give you peace of mind knowing that when you pass away, those who matter most to you will be taken care of financially. When putting in place cover, you want to consider things such as:  

  • How long is left on your mortgage 
  • The balance owed to your mortgage 
  • The people who depend on you financially 
  • What you would want for them if you weren’t around 
  • Funeral costs 


Life Insurance is not for you, it’s taken out to protect the ones you love most. When you pass away, your family would receive a lump sum of money to take care of all the financial costs which are outstanding after you die.

Frequently asked Questions:

How much does your advice cost?

All insurance advice is free. You will not be charged for this service.

What if I get declined?

Being declined is usually due to a medical disclosure. The provider will likely see you as a high risk applicant. As we are whole of market insurance brokers, we are able to source and negotiate terms with specialist insurers who may consider your situation. 

When do I need Life Insurance?

When you have people depending on you financially or if you have a big financial commitment like a Mortgage. Life Insurance is more affordable when you are younger and healthier.

What if my family need to make a claim?

If they have your policy details, they can contact the provider or if they know the adviser who put it in place, they can help with the claims process. If your policy has been written into a trust, the provider will have the trustee’s and beneficiaries contact details.  

We recommend writing or reviewing your will to ensure that all proceeds of your estate are taken into account by your beneficiaries. 

Critical Illness Cover


You should not have to worry about finances if you’re seriously ill


Critical illness cover pays out a lump sum when you or your family are diagnosed with a serious illness. Having the right cover in place will reduce the financial pressure of having to think about how you can afford to pay your bills if you cannot work whilst you’re going through treatment or recovering

Your Critical illness policy can also protect your children within your policy. Having a child who is seriously ill is not what any parent wants. Receiving a lump sum of money in this event can give you peace of mind knowing that you could take the desired time off work to be by their side during a difficult time.  

Frequently asked Questions:

What conditions are classed as critical?

Cancer, Stroke & Heart Attack are the most common paid out conditions. Your insurance provider will provide a more extensive list of conditions they cover on your policy.

What do I need to do to get cover?

The provider will require you to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire before they give a decision. Speak to Hannah to help design a suitable insurance plan for you. 

Will the insurance provider want to see my doctors report?

If a medical disclosure is given on your questionnaire, they may request a GP medical report before they give their final decision. We will help you find an insurance provider that is best suited to you and your circumstances.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

In the event of a claim we are here with you every step of the way. We understand that this event can be very emotional for the claimant. Our job is to help the claims process be as smooth as possible for you. 
If you don’t use an insurance broker to put your cover in place, you would likely have to complete the claims process by yourself and direct with the insurer. 

Income Protection


Your income is your biggest asset, without it what would you do?


If you were unable to work due to being signed off sick or injured, would you be able to afford your monthly bills? If you are self-employed or if your employer does not offer you full sick pay for as long as you need off work, you need to consider how you’d be able to afford everything you have now. 
Income Protection is your own sick pay and pays you a regular amount each month to give you peace of mind knowing your bills would be covered when you cannot work. Having this in place will allow you to focus on getting better and not rushing back to work when you’re not fit and ready. 

Frequently asked Questions:

Who can be covered for income protection?

Employed, self-employed, contractors, business owners, offshore workers and dangerous occupations.

Is income protection tax free?

Yes. The monthly benefit that you receive will not be liable for income tax.

Can I choose how much I want to receive?

Yes, we will tailor a plan to meet your monthly expenses. Providers can pay up to 70% of your income.

What happens if I cannot go back to work?

There are different options on how long you can receive income protection payments for. The maximum age some providers cover up to is typically age 70. If you couldn’t go back to work, the age your plan expires is when the payments end. 

Will existing medical conditions be covered?

This can depend on what the condition is, when you were diagnosed and if you are fully recovered. Before applying we will check with all suitable providers on their terms of cover.

What if I need to claim?

If you need to make a claim the provider will ask to see proof of income and request your GP report from your doctor before they confirm if it is a successful claim.

Business Protection


Make sure your business is financially protected


Business protection ensures your company is financially protected no matter what. Perhaps you want to protect your debts or liabilities in the event of a death. Maybe you want your loved ones to receive a sum of money in the event of death in case the business could no longer operate. Shareholders can also be protected by receiving a sum of shares they own within a company. Having insurance will give you peace of mind knowing you will avoid any financial difficulties for your loved ones and your business.  


There are various types of business protection that we can help you with. Some of these include: 

  • Relevant life insurance 
  • Shareholders protection 
  • Key man insurance 
  • Critical illness insurance 
  • Executive income protection

Frequently asked Questions:

Are there tax cost implications for business insurance?

We will help you place policies in to trust. This ensures that any sums paid by the life insurer will not be liable for inheritance tax against your estate. We always recommend writing a will.

Are there tax benefit implications for business life, critical illness insurance or income protection?

Yes. The monthly benefit that you receive will not be liable for income tax.

Buildings & Contents Cover


Don’t leave your home and belongings uninsured!


If you are a homeowner, your property is likely one of the biggest assets you own. When obtaining a mortgage, all lenders require a property to have Buildings Insurance in place. If you’d like all your belongings covered this is called contents cover. It covers all items within your home and can also cover items away from the home such as valuables, laptops, bikes etc 

We have an extensive list of competitive and specialist insurers to find you the most suitable policy to suit your needs and priorities.

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