About This Project

In the bustling heart of London, where the skyline tells tales of success and ambition, Yoni Levy found himself at the epicentre of a transformative financial journey with Helen. As a self-employed limited company director, Helen’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled her company to new heights. However, when she approached us with the desire to secure a loan exceeding £2 million for her dream property, the complexity of her income structure posed a unique challenge.


Rather than shying away from the complexity, Yoni embraced the challenge. Working closely with Helen, he devised a financing strategy that leveraged her company’s profits and her companies forecasted profits as a solid foundation for the loan. We helped the lender understand the value of Helen’s visionary leadership and the sound business practices that had led her company to success. This helped with her approval of the large loan of £2m+.


Helen, elated with our commitment and expertise, not only secured her dream property but also forged a lasting partnership with a financial institution that truly understood and valued her entrepreneurial journey. Our ability to navigate the complexities of Helen’s income showcased our dedication to providing tailored solutions, establishing us as a forward-thinking financial institution in the heart of Manchester serving the whole of the UK.

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