About This Project

In the upscale suburbs surrounding Manchester, where the pursuit of good education and a good location go hand in hand, a heartwarming story unfolded as a parent with a significantly large High Net Worth (HNW) income became the cornerstone in his son and future daughter in laws journey to homeownership.


Graham came to be a successful executive with a flourished career that not only rewarded him with financial success but also instilled in him the importance of family values. Graham’s son, Daniel, and his wife-to-be, Rachel, harboured the dream of living close to home and in a location where they dreamed of raising children.


However, the soaring property prices in the desired locale presented a formidable barrier. Undeterred and recognizing the financial challenges faced by young couples in high-cost areas, Graham decided to act as a guarantor for Daniel and Rachel.


As the guarantor, Graham’s financial credibility played a pivotal role in assuring lenders of the stability and reliability of the loan. This, in turn, enabled Daniel & Rachel to access the necessary funds to purchase the home they wanted in their desired suburb, bringing them closer to the exceptional schools they aspired for their children.


This family’s story shows how the support of a parent’s income could pave the way for the younger generation to establish roots in higher-value areas. It is a testament to the meaningful impact that generational support can have on achieving dreams, even in the face of formidable financial challenges.

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